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edius pro 8 full version

Edius Pro 8 with Crack is superb software in terms of being a professional video editing software and is one of the most dominated names in the world of video editing and video enhancing technologies. Edius Pro 8 is the most simplest and easy to use alternative as compared to other complex and intricate video editing software available in the market. The interface of the software is very simple and easy to use and is easy to understand for most of the video editor professional as well as novices. So in a nutshell we can say that Edius Pro 8 is very powerful professional video editor that is easy to use and is not intimidating at all as you have to just install, sit and edit the videos with this software installed on your system. Edius Pro 8 is the first software in terms of video editors that has a capability of a video card to process a layered video in a very professional way.

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There are thousands of new and advanced features in new version of Edius Pro 8. In small words we can say there is plethora of new features where there is an improved workflow that supports 4K video editing with the advanced support of Black Magic Design Deck Link 4K Extreme and there is 40 percent faster handling of AVHCD media as well. Now download Edius Pro Crack from below given download now links. There is also an option of virtually handling any format of the digital video and it also supports the third party hardware and software as well along with supporting the EDL exchange as well. There is also an introduction of new set of tools and a friendlier user interface along with having lot of short cuts and productivity tools. Edius Pro 8 makes the editing of the videos as intuitive and as easy as possible.

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There is a comprehensive option of customization of the main user interface and main panel of controls as well. The interface is so attractive that everything appears so friendly and so bright to the user using the software. You can also tweak the playback controls an overlay options so that punchier and more attractive visuals can be created. The software is also very responsive and fast and every command so that if you are working on a complicated project there will be no delay and no lapse provided by the software that will annoy the user. The performance of the software is superb on 3GHz dual core processor and provides it hundred percent and gives a kind of real time playback in the same way as you will enjoy with some expensive set of hardware devices.

Features of Edius Pro 8

  • HDV monitoring of the software is excellent and most of the heavy and extreme files are also run in the smooth way.
  • There is also an option of HDV playback from the timeline and is not fed through OHCI fire wire pots.
  • There are eight motorized sliders provided by the software so that they can adjust the sound level on the editing video.
  • There are tilting tools added in the software however these tools are not changed and basically work on the same format.
  • There is also integrated DVD authoring of the software for some of the advance video editors.
  • Edius Pro 8 also enable you to import video files and other kinds of sequences to be imported in a single DVD slide show for the ease of video editor professionals.
  • There is also an option of customizing the encoding settings as well where you can edit the entire project as well as you can edit the encoding of the small clips as well.
  • There is also an option of the segment encoding as well which can also process the pieces which can cut the pieces into I-Frames or other effects can be applied.
  • The actual strength is that Edius Pro 8 is very powerful and straight forward software.

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