IObit Start Menu 8 Pro Crack Key Free Download Full Version

IObit Start Menu 8 Pro Crack Key Free Download

IObit Start Menu 8 Pro Crack Key Free Download

IObit Start Menu 8 Pro Key with Crack Free Download

Start Menu 8 Pro key by IOBit is a free application for those users who have upgraded to Windows 8 and 10 but are not willing to change their behaviors in terms of usage of the operating system. Start Menu 8 Pro let you bring back the classic start up menu so that users can enjoy the classic start menu and can also change to the other styles of the start menu with just one click. The application can also change the background color of the start menu along with the changing color of desktop background. Basically it is a utility that bypasses the tiled based screen of Windows 8 and keep the user with the familiar interface the desktop user graphics and also all the options from the previous start menu of the Windows. It just takes a few minutes to reunite you with your familiar interface so that you can work in harmony with the old school desktop style.

There is a more powerful and strong engine of newly released start menu and it comes with the 20 percent faster search speed so that it can load the searched items in less time and speedy frequency. The search results are also more accurate and it makes easy to find the files in more easy way. All the files that are recently and frequently used are also permanently pinned to the start menu as well for the ready access.

IObit Start Menu 8 Pro Key with Crack Free Download

Start Menu 8 Pro provide you with Ad free and clean start menu experience and you don’t have to place unwanted clicks to start a new program with this start menu. There is also an option of applying the customized settings with the help of Start Menu 8 Pro and you can also place assorted icons collected in any form in order to arrange them according to your own preferences. Full Version Software Free Download from You can also use your own account picture as a profile picture and manage all the programs that are displayed in the start menu.

Features of Start Menu 8 Pro Keygen Crack Free

  • One of the best features of Start Menu 8 Pro is that it provide you with the familiar interface and re-introduces the familiar desktop graphical user interface and start menu according to the previous version of Windows
  • You can completely customize your new Start Button with the help of Start Menu 8 Pro. You can also choose the look and the feel of button as well
  • You can choose a button that look like the classic Windows 7 look or you can go for some more modern option to match the look of Windows8
  • You can also customize the menu so that you can include the items that you want to load with the menu and you can make a short as well as comprehensive menu so that you can navigate easily
  • Start Menu 8 Pro is absolutely free and convincingly replaces the missing Windows 8 Start Menu
  • Start Menu 8 Pro saves time in using the Windows and you don’t have to change your habits as well regarding the usage of the Windows
  • You can simply recapture the entire navigation arena of Windows 7 with any complexity
  • You can simply run this utility at the start up position of Windows
  • Start Menu 8 Pro let you skip UAC when starting the programs from the start menu and you can also pick the number of utilities you require
  • There is an option of disabling a number of Windows effects such as bottom left and top left hot corner.
  • The intuitive approach of Start Menu 8 Pro helps in boosting the functionality of the system
  • You can also change the dimensions of your start screen such as small, tall, large etc

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