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MediBang Paint Pro 12.1 Free Download

MediBang Paint Pro is a free application which is professionally packed with art oriented tools that maximizes the smart phone screen space as your art canvas. This software is absolutely free application for painting so that your smart phone or tablet into a portable and digital canvas where you can create your desired art anytime and anywhere. There is no price tag associated with MediBang Paint Pro and still being a free app the software is absolutely free from the annoying ads and promotional content. However there is one condition for enjoying ad free painting experience you have to register on the official website of the software.

The painting experience on MediBang Paint Pro is very easy and very simple where you have to select a blank canvas first and there is a brief walkthrough that introduces with all the available tools and the brushes offered by the software. The interface of the software is very neat, clean and uncluttered and provides you with clear understanding of all the features and all the properties of the software. There are shortcuts to the drawing tools that are available directly over the interface of the software as well the drawing essentials are located in the top and the bottom of the interface main screen. The entire color selection is located on the left hand side of the interface so that you can easily select the colors of your desired palette. There are different layout of the software that allows selecting different dimensions and different sizes of the screen. When you select a certain tool you can also enjoy a number of different options that are associated with that tool. There is also an option of fine tuning the properties and settings of a certain tool without making the interface uncluttered and untidy. There is also an option of using your fingers or stylus to draw on the canvas. There are no predefined or perceptible laps in the performance of the software as it is creamy and smooth. There is also a cloud based support of the software which can also save your creations over the internet on an online database. You can also download more objects and more backgrounds from the official website of the software.

download medibang paint pro full

MediBang Paint Pro is also supported for Windows and MAC and there is also an iPad Version and iPhone version of the software. There is Android MediBang Paint Pro that supports the painting on the Android phones.

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Features of MediBang Paint Pro

  • There are multiple ways of saving the files with MediBang Paint Pro such as there is an Auto Save option and also there is an option of saving the file on the cloud.
  • There is also an option of exporting a file in Photoshop version with the help of MediBang Paint Pro.
  • There are lot of drawing tools and functions available by the software such as brush and eraser tool, eye dropper tool, paint bucket tool, selection tools, gradient tool, comic panel, transformation tool, crop tool and many other tools as well.
  • The selection tool is very robust tool as it let you select any area you require such as polygon, eclipse, round, square or any other kind of tool.
  • There is pressure sensitivity supported by MediBang Paint Pro with the help of Wacom and Adonit sensors.

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