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Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Generator Free Download [No Survey]

microsoft office 2013 full version

microsoft office 2013 full version

Microsoft Office 2013 Full Version : Microsoft Office 2013 Product key Generator for Professional Plus Free Download (No Survey)

Microsoft Office 2013 is the latest and most refreshed iteration of the one of the most used and popular productivity suite of the world. There is introduction of the touch friendly interface in this new and more advanced business productivity suite along with a crisper look with new and added productivity features. A new landmark is also achieved in the new version of Microsoft Office 2013 where there is a support for cloud storage with a subscription pricing and on demand installation of the software. There is possibility of syncing all the documents and files online rather than offline and this version of the Office is known as Office 365. The new and exciting features of Microsoft Office 2013 are not for Windows XP and most of these productive features are for Windows 7 and Windows 8. There are added tools in the software which are making the common processes of the suite very easy and smooth. There is also an option of purchasing and downloading the standalone version of Microsoft Office 2013 where there is Home version of Microsoft Office and the Student Version of Office or you can also purchase the Business Edition of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office 2013 can be activated with the help of Microsoft Office 2013 Product key Generator which is available to download in free from below given download links. You can also purchase the other versions with volume purchases for the small and large business organizations.

Microsoft Office 2013 Full Version Free Download : The interface is much cleaner as compared to the interface and layout of the application of Microsoft Office 2010. Most of the applications and items on the desktop are well spaced and you can simply navigate the items with the tip of the finger with a touch screen supported hardware. The Ribbon Interface of the software is replaced but the traces of this interface are still there. There are number improvements in terms of productivity and tasks performed by the software such the processes of creating, editing, sharing and reading files and documents is made much easier and robust as compared to the last version of Office. Collaboration is made much easier with the help of cloud computing and along with the support of touch screen. There is Touch Mode supported by the software which adds more space and more room around the icons of various applications. The software dumps ten tiles on the screen when you first installed it on your system and these tiles include Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Access, Info Path Designer, Lync, and Info Path Filler that makes the desktop looks attractive and more filled.

Microsoft Office 2013 Product key Generator for Professional Plus

During the process of installation the Office 2013 also asks you to sign with the Windows Live ID. You can simply save your documents on the Sky Drive so that you can simply access the documents from the multiple internet connections. There is also an option of adding different services to your Microsoft Office such as Flicker, You Tube and Linked In. There are additional feature added in the Microsoft Word that now contains Metro Design Elements where on the left side of the screen there is a list of recently opened documents and on the right hand side of the screen there is a list of all the available templates for the documents. You can select the desired template and Word will open it for you and you can also view the template on the preview tab as well. There is large ribbon of all the menu items that is expanded by default but you can simply select the items of your own choice. The ribbon can be collapsed by clicking it over it or tapping over a small arrow on the upward side of the Windows which is at the very right edge of the Ribbon. The Word 2013 is now more flexible in terms of graphics and images and there is also support for the Live Layout with Word 2013.

MS Excel 2013

microsoft office excel 2013 free download

Excel 2013 also have new productivity features and now acts as more active participant in performing working and tasks on the spread sheets. There is artificial intelligence inserted in Excel 2013 where the program can help you in analyzing the patterns and data without prodding and also makes helpful recommendations for the user. There is new and advanced Flash Fill feature of Excel 2013 which can recognize the patterns of the columns and fills the rest of the columns with the same features so you don’t have to repeat the pattern cell by cell and you don’t have to copy and paste the formula into different cells. MS Excel Free Download For PC from below given download link. There is also a Quick Analysis button provided by software so that you can conduct the entire analysis of the data within a few moments. There are also chart recommendations provided by Excel 2013 that are based on the trends of the data.

MS Outlook 2013

microsoft office outlook 2013 free download

Outlook 2013 is not changed drastically in Office 2013 but it is now more social as it can well connect with other social media platforms as well such as Face Book and Linked In and also connected to Microsoft Hotmail Email Server. There is another helpful feature of Outlook that is known as Peeks where you can steal a peek at your calendar events or you can peek to an email contact without leaving the recent screen on which you are working right now. There are additional changes made in Power Point which now embraces the change up to wide screen monitors and can now labeled as a standard application. All the slides are created with 16:9 aspect ratios which can be adjusted according to the aspect ratio of the old school monitors and screens.

Features of Microsoft Office 2013 Full Version

  • The interface of Microsoft Office 2013 is clear, clean and more crisp as compared to the previous iteration of Microsoft Office 2010.
  • There are new and added productive features in each and every application of Microsoft Office 2013 such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.
  • PDF flow is supported in all the applications of Microsoft Office 2013.
  • There is Microsoft Office 365 feature of the software where you can receive all the updates of your Microsoft subscription throughout the year.
  • There is touch screen support feature for all the application such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.
  • Microsoft Office 2013 is suitable for majority of the users as it supports both the Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 and 8.1.
  • There is a cloud based support in Microsoft Office 2013 which makes the editing, sharing and reading of the files much easier.
  • There are new tools in Microsoft Excel that recognizes your data and patterns and auto complete with the support of Excel.
  • You can also share your Power Point presentations over the Internet by sending a link to the presentation or by using Free Office Presentation Service.
  • You can simply embed the Excel Spreadsheets diagrams, audio clips and videos and other sort of data with your worksheets.
  • There is support for the One Drive users to receive storage space of 15 GB with the online storage and there is more available space if you want to purchase.

Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download Full Version

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Keys

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